Meet The Staff

Dominick Dennisur - Program Director
I was born and raised on the island of Jamaica. I came to America to fulfill my dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer with minors in Aerospace Engineering as well as Business Technology Management at NYU: Poly where I am also a member of the Men's Varsity Soccer and Volleyball teams. I am an avid sports fan who loves a wide array of sports ranging from baseball to track & field to volleyball. My favorite sport on the other hand is Football (Soccer). Working and interacting with people has always been a great passion of mine and so I strive to be involved in such fields as much as I can be. I am a Senior Resident Assistant at NYU: Poly's Othmer Residence Hall and have been working with K-12 STEM Education programs for a little over a year now which has been the most fulfilling thing that I have done so far in my lifetime.

Dayner Hackshaw - Assistant-to-Program Director 

Hi, my name is Dayner and I was born and raised in New York City. I go to Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for young women as a senior. I can't wait to spend this summer with everyone and explore the different possibilities of our world!

Sophia Mercurio - Instructor
Hi everyone! I am a civil engineering student at NYU-Poly. I was a competitive swimmer for fifteen years. This summer should be a fun and exciting time as we explore many different STEM topics and characteristics smart cities! 

Sephr Makaremi - Instructor

I'm Sepehr Makaremi. I am currently majoring in electrical engineering and computer engineering, and mostly spending my time to find interesting Open software and trying to edit them. One of my oldest hobbies and the work that I enjoy the most is robotics. Working for industrial automation companies and going to the most enjoyable places on earth like RoboCup competitions are my robotics related activities. As technology develops faster and affects our lives, the new generations are the ones who are mostly affected by what we do, and their ideas about different thing are fantastic and should be considered. I hope as part of this year’s SoSC group, I can give excited students a good and clear idea about the future and how they impact it.

Michael Trizzino - Instructor
My name is Michael Trizzino and I studying Electrical Engineering at NYU  POLY.I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. On campus, I am a Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to Engineering and Design  class. My hobbies include playing basketball and going to NY Mets baseball games. 

Cindy Rom - Instructor
I’m a city girl from Queens, NY. I’m studying Mechanical Engineering at NYU-Poly. I work as a teaching assistant for NYU-Poly's General Engineering department. I love sports, video games, animals, music, and chocolate. I’m looking forward to a fun and interesting summer experience with Science of Smart Cities.

Howard Jiang - Instructor
Hello, My name is Howard and this is my pet Bunny. She's a white dwarf rabbit and her favorite food is lettuce. Bunny loves to circle around my feet when I am home and run around when she's happy. When I was in middle school, I became curious as to how tall buildings like the Empire State building are able to stand up on its own and support so many weigh. This curiosity continued into high school and I decided to study Civil Engineering in college. I love structures and would like to become a professional structural engineer one day.

Jim Klopchic - Instructor
Hi, I'm Jim Klopchic. I was born in Canada, but moved to Texas when I was 10. I would like to call myself a bit of apro-gamer, as well as a programmer. Almost all of my life I have been involved in the video game world, whether it be playing console games at 5 years old, or competing in Counter Strike tournaments in High School. Because of the nature of these games, since I have had a computer to myself I have done a lot of independant programming.

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