Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Less than one week left for the first year of SoSC!

These past three weeks have been a wonderful experience. We have had three trips: two in Brooklyn and one Uptown Manhattan. One trip we took during food and sustenance week to an urban farm in Red Hook where we learned that farms can be created in all types of settings, even those that do not seem ideal. The farm we went to was built completely on top of asphalt, across the street from IKEA!

During transportation week, we were able to experience the New York Transit Museum just a few blocks from poly. The tour guides spoke about familiar concepts of energy generation, electrons, and circuits. The campers were thrilled when they could answer each and every question. I'm sure we impressed the guides as well. In addition, new concepts and ideas about the NYC subway system intrigued many campers.

Lastly, we went to the museum of natural history. There, students learned about the requirements for life and how those concepts can be applied on a larger scale, for example, a city. Now as the science of smart cities camp comes to a close, I can only hope that every single student is excited to become a scientist and/or engineer of the present and future.
Above: The Bionic A's strike a pose in an old NYC subway at the NYTM. 
Below: Vicente and James work with a volunteer from Deutsche bank as they put the final touches on their city. 

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