Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 2 Day 1: Local, Organic, Whole, Seasonal Foods, What's the difference?

I had a great time delivering my presentations today because they touched base on issues and topics I feel very passionately about; Waste Management, Soil Engineering and Food. One of the reasons why I chose to study Civil Engineering is because I am curious to know what happens to our waste after the garbage man picks it up. We talked about the waste management process today and I shared some of the facts I've learned from my Intro to Environmental Engineering course to further enhance their understanding. We learned today that about 40% of our waste (by volume) is paper and 12% is plastic and various ways in which we can reduce, reuse and recycle. Current engineering innovations and technologies such as Biodigestors and Vermicomposting can help reuse our trash to produce biogas and compost. Finally, we learned about the different classifications of food. Dariela of the Elusive Silver Tigers said that Genetically Modified foods are tampered with to look better, kind of like how dogs are breed. Excellent analogy Dariela, I'm glad you are relating things you learned today with your experiences. 

Alan (left) and Mohaimanul (right) working as a team to determine the composition of their soil sample (% clay, sand and silt). Using these numbers they were able to determine the type of soil they had. 

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