Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 2 Day 1: I Require Sustenance

Alena and Dajah recognizing the levels of a soil sample
So far we have spent most of the day working on the basics of sustenance. As I write this Howard is talking on the subject of waste management. With gloves on hands earlier we tested our soil samples which had been prepared on Friday for both PH and compressability. Measuring the levels of soil we were able to determine where to place some locally collected soil on the chart of soil descriptors.

Soon we will be getting to start the food part of the week, focussing on Seasonal Foods today. With all this information our city building process will be able to continue as we start to lay the foundation for some of the buildings we have already designed.

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  1. The students liked how the soil solution chemically reacts (bubbles) with vinegar, letting us know that the soil is basic, has a pH of 7 or more. Good post Jim!