Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here's to an energetic week!

After the first week of SoSC I am ending the week feeling impressed and motivated. All of the students are engaged and excited to be learning new scientific theories and ideas as well as participating in the activities our staff has prepared. After the first day, one of the "Bionic A's", Malik, told me that he learned that sometimes when you want "to make things work you have to trace back a few steps and change things". During the first day, the students were not only learning to create but to constantly improve - not only to engineer but to reverse engineer a robot! On the second day, we introduced the concept of "Mr. Electron" and illustrated a simplified concept of electrical flow. Later that day, the students also had a lecture about the sOccket, a soccer ball that can generate up to four hours of light. The students then began to think about different ways to generate energy. I must say that some of the students' original ideals such as pressure sensor sidewalks and turbines in sink and shower drains, truly blew my mind. Finally, we moved onto creating our city. The students were thrilled to finally begin the design of their smart city. Phillip and Ezron cited Newton's Laws of energy  as well as the byproducts produced due to energy production to make sure their city is created to the best of their ability. Below is a picture of some of the "Bionic A's" also know as "Team Lip Gloss" as we explored together the power generated by solar panels.

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  1. Fascinating post Sophia. I have to agree with you that the students' ideas are absolutely mind blowing. Engineering a turbine to achieve maximum efficiency and small enough to fit in a water pipe is a great idea to recover energy that would've otherwise be lost. Malik's comment sums up the process of reverse engineering, good thinking Malik!