Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 2 Day 5: Painting our Smart City

Last Friday, we built our power generation systems and drafted a layout of our city. Today, we continued where we left off last week and started painting our city. After learning about various topics this week concerning "food and sustenance" of a smart city , the Elusive Silver Tigers decided to put a farm on the outskirts of our city. The farm serves a dual purpose; to produce local food and to serve as a  composting station, allowing city dwellers to reduce the amount of organic waste that gets sent to the landfill. 

Celine and her team discussing about the possibility of using robot arms to collect household trash

Miya and her team experimenting with wind turbines
Our city has wind turbines near the coast to serve as a tourist attraction and to take advantage of the sea breeze. We split the class into three teams; Food and sustenance, Water and Energy. Each group had specific tasks and representatives were chosen to share and draft their ideas on a dry erase board. Our class accomplished a lot today; we began to paint the natural terrain of the city, decided on a power generation and electric storage system, built a wind powered building and a lego water desalination plant. Today marks the end of our second week of camp and a successful first half of the program. Next week's theme will be transportation and I look forward to sharing the knowledge I've obtained from my "Introduction to Traffic Engineering" class.

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