Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 3 Day 5 : A Journey to the AMNH

Our close up look at the space elevator
Jelani in orbit!
Getting 30 middle school students along with instructors into the subway showed to be a challenge as it started off the day. But, by 10 AM we had made it to the American Museum of Natural History and began our tour. Led by the fantastic Cynthia Toledo, principles we had discussed through each we came to light in the in respect to life and earth sciences. As we worked our way through the halls of biodiversity and the universe we looked at how the aspects of design that have allowed both biodiversity on this planet and the diversity of the universe can be applied to how we think about designing a smarter city. 40 minutes of Whoopi Goldberg later we garnered more knowledge of our universe and how it functions. We then took a close look at the earth and its properties. Scavenging to find information such as the benefits of living in close vicinity to volcanoes we took the hall of earth by storm. In conclusion we made our way the Beyond Planet Earth exhibit. There we could put together some of the lessons we learned at AMNH and in the classrooms, taking a close look at the possibility of extending civilization beyond our blue planet.

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