Thursday, July 5, 2012

Focussing on energy generation and storage today we are just about prepped to design some smart cities! Activity after activity building different storage and generation systems such as our hand made wind turbines, multitude of photovoltaeic cells, and hydro power storage facility led up to our guest giving the students the final touches they needed to complete their robot arms.   

Howard of the Elusive Silver Tigers lent some Robotics expertise to James and Malik 
Andrew drew a spot on diagram of our wind power generators today.  
We have an exciting day of design and construction ahead of us and I think both students and instructors are pumped, as well as prepared. Let's build some smart cities!

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  1. James and Malik's robots had a very sturdy base but a "pinned" connection between the base and the arm. In civil engineering, "pinned" is a term used to describe something that can rotate. The arm wouldn't stand up on its own, as intended, because of this connection and I suggested adding a motor there to control the rotation.