Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 3 Day 4: Active Collision Avoidance

What does adaptive cruise control, antilock brake systems and active collision avoidance all have in common? They're innovative technologies that helps cars travel safer, smarter and more efficiently. Students were introduced to these concepts today and were given the golden opportunity to add an active collision avoidance system to a R/C remote control car. The process was tedious and complex, however when everybody was done, students agreed that the final product was very rewarding and cool. 
Gabriel (left) and Rori (right), adding a breadboard, Arduino and Ultrasonic module to their R/C cars.

Dajah, Giovanni, Rori, Miya and Lesly (clockwise) engineering their city's road network

After the Active Collision Avoidance activity, students continued on their smart cities. Rori led the team in developing the city's road network. He, together with his team, decided where to place roundabouts, major roads and minor roads to help reduce congestion and improve air quality. Since cars only travel on the perimeter of a roundabout, he decided to place a green zone in the middle of the roundabout. We also started on the highway network today and painted in the different districts in our city. We did a lot of work today, great job team!

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